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Starting Therapy

If it feels daunting, please email me to arrange a 15 minute consultation where we can discuss how counselling works.  If you feel you wish to start straight way, get in touch and we can arrange our initial session. 

Initial Session

The first session is £65 for 50 minutes. In this session we will talk about how counselling works, payment, what you hope to gain and why you wish to start. 

Ongoing Sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes and cost £65. Sessions are held at the same time and day each week which is arranged at the initial session.  If you work shifts we can discuss timings.


If you are unable to make a session and give advance notice, I will try to rearrange to an alternative time /day that week.  If less than 48 hours is given, then you will be charged for the session.  If for any reason I need to cancel a session, I will try to rearrange however if this is not possible, then you will not be charged. 

Ending Therapy

Therapy is ongoing unless an agreed amount of sessions is discussed. You may end at anytime but I ask we have at least one session to discuss the ending together. 

Fee and Payment

Payment can be made by bank transfer on a weekly or monthly basis. This can be agreed in our initial session. 


Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy code of practice and ethics.  Accordingly, confidentiality is given a high priority however if I feel that there is a risk of harm to yourself and others, I may have to break confidentiality.  In such circumstances, I will try to discuss with you first.  

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